Out looking for something that stays forever? Well, diamonds make for an unparalleled choice.

However, no two diamonds look exactly alike and buying diamond jewellery is indeed an overwhelming task. Therefore, to make the matter a bit easy for you, we’re bringing this exhaustive guide that lists all the things to mind while purchasing any diamond article:-


The price involved is a deciding factor for some buyers. However, there’s no upper limit as to how much you can spend while buying some sparkle. But it’s always wise to fix an approximate amount that you want to shell out.


One of the universally acknowledged 4C’s, carat weight refers to how much a diamond weighs. One metric carat is equal to 200 milligrams. A way to save some pennies is by buying a diamond in the 0.9-carat range because of the price increases sharply at a one-carat mark. Also, if you’re buying it for someone else, do take note of their size preference.


Clarity has to do with the internal flaws and surface imperfections of diamonds which generally come to notice to jewellers with a microscope. Clarity has many grades – flawless, internally flawless, very very slightly included, very slightly included, slightly included and included. If you’re a fan of big jewellery pieces, note that Imperfections are easily seen in large diamonds.


When it comes to colour, colourless rules the realm. However, there are other variants as well – non-colourless, near colourless-slightly tinted, faint yellow, very light yellow, light yellow and yellow. As the carat weight increases, it becomes easier to notice the colour. Diamonds with more facets, shine brighter and thus, hide the colour.


The cut of the diamond is the real test of the workmanship put its making. The cut determines the way light passes through the diamond, affecting its sparkle and brightness. The higher the grade, the more light will pass through the diamond and the more brilliance it’ll have. While selecting the shape of the diamond, keep in mind who you’re buying it for. There are various shapes – round brilliant, oval, marquise, pear, heart, emerald, princess, Asscher, radiant and baguette. Out of these, round brilliant and princess cuts reflect the most light.


Often considered the 5th C, certification of a diamond assures its authenticity. Few jewellers offer lab certificates with each diamond and do ask to see it while buying or go to a trusted jeweller. One piece of advice after the pointers, during each stage of selection, don’t forget who’ll be on the receiving end of the diamond jewellery. If you’ll be gifting it, then the person’s choice and taste are of utmost importance.