Diamonds are the most loved gemstones for people around the world. Diamond – composed from carbon; the name is derived from late Latin, originated from Greek name Adamas which translates to untamed and invincible. True for a legendary gemstone-like Diamond.

According to mythologies, Romans believed that a diamond is a Falling Star, and Greeks considered them as Tears of Gods. Diamonds are reckoned as an important gemstone because of their ability to refract light is mystical. That is why, in Hindu mythology, the belief is that diamonds protect the wearer from evil spirits, poisoning, and fire. Diamonds hold utmost importance in the wearer’s life, let’s explore why?

A Divine Commitment

As clichéd as it sounds, Diamond is a woman’s best friend. When engraved in different metals like gold or silver, they turn out to be mesmerizing. A woman often buys a diamond ring by herself for herself which is a form of self-love or simply jewellery hoarding, but it gives them a sense of pride and achievement. Also, diamond rings are an epitome of commitment to stay together till eternity by a lover, the rings are exchanged during an engagement ceremony. The legacy of a diamond is always passed on to the next generation. They are a best friend because of the emotions and stories attached to it.

Beholder of Diverse Histories

Commonly, diamonds are often associated with women only, but diamonds are interrelated with other genders as well. In India, the time when men were adorned with heavy jewellery, from the emperor to a common man. Many emperors and rajas loved lavish diamond jewellery and other gems and were loved by many dynasties all around the world.

They exude royalty like no other gem and have been a subject of interest for many since its inception. The historical diamond ‘Kohinoor’ which was born during the Delhi Sultanate era was then passed down to its successor dynasties, now rests in Jewel House, Tower of London with a history in its core.

What is Art and Who is the Artist?

The mining of diamonds had been very difficult and is not easily found. A diamond is four times stronger than ruby or sapphire. Since Diamonds have high refractive power, the result is brilliance. The key is ‘craftsmanship’. If a diamond is cut properly, it exudes a perpetual shine. The cutting of the diamond is craftsmanship and the finished diamond piece is the art.

As mentioned earlier, it takes the art of many high-skilled craftsmen to craft a spectacular gem-like ‘Kohinoor’.

Modern-Day Diamond

As time changed, some things changed with it, many remained the same. In this contemporary era, we see diamonds studded invariant pieces of jewellery; known as diamond collection found in trusted jewellery shops. The collection includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, nose pins, etc.

Being minimal is in trend and people avoid adorning heavy diamond pieces to work or at home. There are distinct options in diamond collections and are crafted into the most demanding piece, solitaire, then clusters, subtle, and chip. The diamonds vary from colourless to black, transparent/translucent to opaque.

The amalgamation of diamonds with silver or gold gives a unique edge that bedazzles a person in no other way. For diamond pieces entailed with history and crafted with brilliance, do check out our Diamond Collection - Cinda.