Every wedding has many essentials. Each wedding in India deserves a mark of celebration.

Every wedding has many essentials. Each wedding in India deserves a mark of celebration. From Engagement, Mehendi, sangeet, wedding and to a wedding, every occasion is an event in itself.

To make it a worthwhile celebration, it requires you to think and think a lot. The guests would always remember how you made them feel with your hospitality and the number of efforts you have put in making the event a success. As well as how you were looking.

When you keep all these in mind it is necessary that you keep yourself a priority. It is important when your big arrives, you are well prepared for it.

This requires you to research and remember, remember that you have to look your best and be prepared for the day.

Here is our suggestion you must keep in mind to be ready for the day.


This is the day when you must go for minimal jewellery. You meet a lot of people and the environment around is joyful, your family is as much as excited as you are. In this excitement, the wise step is to go minimalistic.


On this day you must avoid wearing any jewellery around the hands, avoid bangles and rings at all costs. The jewellery you must be wearing can be maang tika, minimal necklace.


The day is full of excitement, for the excitement you must be wearing jewellery which is nothing like a weak link in your attire. The vision here must be to wear rings and Nath. This is keeping the day and event aligned with your overall look.


This is the big day where you go all along with the heavy jewellery, you can include heritage jewellery as well the shopping you have done. Since the outfit you would be wearing will be heavy in its appeal. There is a need for you to choose the jewellery the same in appeal. This is the day you can try every piece of jewellery you have bought. Though it must be like, Rani Haar, waistband, heavy necklaces, engagement ring, braid jewellery.


The day when minimalism comes alive with fashion is this day. Only the necessary jewellery must be worn on this day. Like an engagement ring or a bracelet or cuff is enough for it. The look can be completed with diamond earrings. With these pieces of jewellery you make yourself look the best from head to toe.

1. Heirloom jewellery

There is no match to the emotions attached to the jewellery that is carried on to next generations. The story behind it is making our celebrations worth remembering. Whatever it might be, a ring, a necklace, a pendant, maang tika anything; never forget the family heritage in the wedding celebrations.

2. Rani Haar

As the name suggests it is royal in its appeal and heavy in its texture. This is important to showcase that you give such importance to the traditions around the celebrations.

3. Braid Jewellery

This one piece of jewellery is often ignored; however, this is the one thing that can increase the charm of any outfit. This is such a piece of important jewellery that it can make your look and give the highlight to the

4. Kaleere

This long and heavy jewellery is the highest recommendation for the wedding scenes of India. This is the case where the finest jewellery is highlighted. The jhumkas as we call it, the most visible jewellery after the necklace. This is not the simple earring; this is heavy in its appeal. That’s why the addition of it is necessary.

5. Waistband

The other example of one jewellery where the additions create a whole lot of difference. This difference is due to the highlighting effect. The waistband depends on the choice. One is free either to go for it or not.

6. Payal

Also is known as pajeb is often avoided because usually the ankles are hidden by the lavish lehengas. But the wedding includes many rituals where there is a strong possibility that the ankles might be visible. The people are often very observant of the attire of the bride and the groom. This is how the last fine touch to the outfit is done by simple jewellery like a pajeb.

Keeping these in mind will make your day a memorable one as well as less of chaos and more cheerful and royal.