How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

Since you’ve finally decided to pop the question, looking for the perfect engagement ring might seem a daunting task to you. After all, this ring will stay with you forever and will be a token of your feelings for your ladylove and your readiness to take things a notch up. From selecting the ring band to the setting, it’s indeed an overwhelming thing to do. So, here we’re presenting a list of things to make this herculean task a bit easy for you: -


Don’t rush things, take your time and put all your efforts into making a perfect choice. Most men plan a surprise and go alone to select the engagement ring, but few take their partners with them to select it together. Once you decide how you want to go about it, keep it in mind that the perfect ring will be the one that she always wanted, and you must get the same for her.


No, it’s not necessary for you to spend your 2 months’ salary on it. I’m sure neither of you would like to start your married life with a debt. Moreover, it’s not the price tag but your efforts that make all the difference. To establish a budget is the wise thing to do and it will also help the jeweller to show you something that falls in your price range.


Imagine you’re down on one knee, she has said yes, you slide the ring onto her finger, but it doesn’t fit. A sign from the universe? You wouldn’t want anyone to think that. That’s exactly why you need to sweat it out to know a size that fits her well. Seek help from her sister, friend or sneak one of her rings yourself.


Does she like it traditional, elegant, outgoing, classic or modern? Does she want it to be glitzy or understated? Pay attention whenever she talks about jewellery or whenever she compliments one of her friends’ jewellery. Take her shopping some time and you may get to know what she’d love and adore for the rest of her life.


Keep appearance, durability and price range in mind while selecting the band. From silver, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold to platinum – you have various metal options, or you could go for a mix of metals as well.


If you go with diamond, look for the 4Cs:- Cut – A well-cut diamond reflects light from one face to another, projects the light from the top of the stone and renders the sparkle to it – brilliance she’d love to show off. Carat – Weight of the diamond. Price increases with carat weight. Some carat weights are considered “magic sizes” - half, three-quarter and a full carat. Clarity – While talking clarity with the jeweller, you may come across ‘inclusions’ which are other minerals in the diamond. The ones graded SI1 or SI2 have visible inclusions. Colour – Diamond colour ranges from colourless to light yellow. Truly colourless diamonds are the rarest. However, the colour depends solely on your preference. Diamond is the classic choice here but if she likes a different stone like an emerald or if she loves to wear her birthstone, you can ditch the diamond as well.


Round diamonds are the most popular choice due to their incredible brilliance. For romantics, there are heart-shaped ones and then, there are fancy shapes like princess, marquise, pear and oval. Select what suits your lady’s finger.


The setting of the ring is the way in which a diamond is placed on the ring. You can choose to have only one diamond in a tiffany setting or many in eternity setting that goes all around the ring. ​While finding the one ring for your woman, don’t miss Manuvel Malabar’s marvellous ring collection that will add final touches to your plans.