taking care of your Jewellery

Jewellery has always been a betoken of strength but even the hardest of them all, diamond, colourful gems and ivory white pearls need be to be taken care of as they tend to lose color and luster. The practice of taking care of jewellery is not tedious but discreet which helps them last long as new.

How to clean your precious diamonds, gems and pearls?

A Simple Solution

Gently clean your jewellery with warm water and a mild soap, use a soft brush to get rid of all the dirt and built-up. Do this procedure in bowl rather on a sink to avoid dropping them in the drain. Similarly, with pearls you must dip them in water, lay them down on a towel and gently wipe the water and soap solution off them with the help of a swab.

Cleaning also makes sure that there is no risk of any virus or bacteria.


Sanitizing your jewellery is now needed more than ever. Along with cleaning, do sanitize before and after wearing them with an alcohol based cotton swab. Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, must be sanitized from both front and back. Remember, excessive alcohol can strip off the luster by drying out the natural moisture from gems and pearls.

Also, sanitized jewellery reduce the cause of any fungal infection or pimples as well.

Protect from Heat and Light

Prolonged exposure to sunlight and moisture can damage your precious gemstones and pearls. Make sure to protect them from excess heat and moisture (humidity, sweat, perfumes etc.)

Never apply lotions, hairsprays, perfumes after wearing jewellery as cosmetics contain ammonia and other chemicals which can bleach the jewellery; of which, damage can be irreversible. Always wear your jewellery after putting on your dreass and make-up.

Besides, avoid swimming or drenching in rain while wearing any jewellery.

Make Room For Each Piece

Leaving your jewellery in open can oxidize it or mixing with other pieces can increase the chances of scratches and chipping. Rather throwing everything together in a drawer, store the pieces properly in an air-tight box and make slots according to the variety/material. Likewise, store gold away from silver.

As for silver, store it with a silica pack or chalk to absorb moisture.

Always lay down the dangling pieces as the delicate silk string can loosen up over time due to hanging.

Don’t get fixated on one

We often forget rotation because either we are too attached to one specific piece or lose interest in others. By wearing just one piece frequently can outgrow it sooner than others. Keep rotating the pieces and care for them equally for them to last longer.

Additionally, avoid sleeping wearing any sort of jewellery, any sharp point of the piece can pierce through the skin or small ear studs can get easily lost in the ear. As harmless they may seem, sleeping in them might be injurious. Plus, friction can cause abrasion. Keep your jewellery safe and last long by taking a little extra effort in caring for them.