Jewellery for Onam

The festival of Onam celebrates hard-working and nourishing spirit of farmers that harvest the crops. The festivities include fireworks, elephants decked up in beautiful royal fashion, boat race, prayers and much more. In the context of jewellery, what can complement the luscious golden crops better than gold.

In this era, the festival is not just bounded to the relationship of brothers and sisters only, it also celebrates the bond of sister-sister and even for the best friend who is equal to a blood relation. So, this Rakshabandhan, explore a few options to gift your dearest sister, something that stays with her forever.

Looking for Something Contemporary?

Gift your sister the kind of jewellery like herself- elegant and ambitious. A dainty pendant necklace with an intricate motif, a rose gold set or an elegant pair of earrings consisting of gold and diamonds (or other gems) embedded together. Also, a charming minimal bracelet is a good choice to go with.

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Go The Old School Way

Traditional jewellery bears value generation after generation. Present her a token of gratitude while keeping the traditions and values alive with a Kundan set, Raani Haar, Heavy gold necklace, stone embedded earrings or a gold-silver bracelet entangled together.

Avyana, our traditional collection has a rich variety to choose from.

A Bond That Shines Through It All

The beautiful sibling bond should shine like a diamond and here are a few options for someone of whom diamonds are indeed a best friend. A bracelet of entwined motifs embedded with bright diamonds will surely add dazzle to the celebration. You can also surprise her with an intricate diamond necklace, perfect for regular days as well as occasions. Truly an investment.

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For The Biggest Source Of Happiness

Little sisters are a blessing, they brighten up the home with their infectious laughter. Manifest some love by gifting her trinkets which stay with her forever and behold a sentimental value in her life.

Our Kids Collection – Carin, consists of such little cutesy jewellery pieces, from earrings to rings.