Jewellery Guide to a royal wedding

Though most of us were not born royals but there is one day when we get a chance to dress like one. The wedding day is the day when you can bring your inner royalty out and steal the limelight.

This is a quick and simple guide for buying jewellery that can help attain your bridal and royal look at once.

1. Earrings/ Jhumkas

Heavy earrings or Jhumkas crafted with Kundan/diamond/pearls/ gold complete the whole look and gives you the flexibility to go light on the necklace and other jewellery options. Not forgetting the danglers which are the real eye-catchers. Before investing in them, you must check what suits you, complements your lehenga or sari and what you feel comfortable in.

The most impactful are Chaand Baalis and Kundan sets which keep the royalty alive.

2. Matha Patti or Maang Tikka

A Matha Patti or a Maang Tikka can elevate the traditional attire so effortlessly. Matha Patti is worn along the hairline, covering half of the forehead, it does give a royal touch to the whole look. You can find them in wide assortments and variants of pearls, gems, gold, silver etc.

If Matha Patti is heavy for you, you can opt Maang Tikka which is worn in the middle parting of the hair. It is very common for brides as well as for bridesmaids and guests to wear a single chained Maang Tikka and look elegant and unique.

3. Necklace

One just cannot omit necklace when it comes to traditional and royal look. From ‘Mallikas’ to ‘Maharanis’, heavy choker necklaces with the amalgamation of diamonds, gemstones or gold were a winner. Even today, brides love the gemstones work, emerald pendants and beloved Kundan sets. One can consider trying a heavy ruby choker necklace, it would surely make you feel like a queen.

The market has a host of necklace designs but the most popular and loved are the pearls with gold, and peacock or parrot inspired sets.

4. Bajuband / Armlet

This is optional but looks very pretty, elegant, and extremely traditional. A Bajuband or an Armlet is worn on the upper arm but make sure it isn’t too tight or too loose. You can choose designs ranging from Rajasthani to South Indian Armlets, depending upon your choice. They make you feel no less than a royal.

5. Nose Pin / Nath

Nose Pins or Naths have been a big yes for an Indian bride for years. Their best aspect is that they can be worn with or without piercing. There is a vast variety for every choice of the bride from floral to studded.

If the bride wants to add some drama to the look; clustered, crescent, pearls and pearls with gemstones are some bold options to go with.

6. Rings/Toe Rings

As most of the area of the bride’s hand is covered with henna and an engagement ring., if something catches the attention amidst the flamboyant henna design is an 'Oversized Ring'. Intricate and heavy motifs ring with danglers, pearls, diamonds, and gemstones surely enhance the bridal look.

7. Anklets

Anklets lift the feminine charm; they can be as simple as a single chained anklet or with ‘Ghungaroo’. One can also choose the Punjabi ‘Jhanjhar’ for a little extra yet impactful look.

The Indian Jewellery market is overflowing with a variety of jewellery which the bride adorns from head to toe. The wedding day is a big day and the bride must look for her budget and theme so that things complement each other. The Avyana collection of Manuvel Malabar provides every preference of the bride-to-be.

As of for the royal look, one does not need to spend their fortunes, just their time and visualization. Keep exploring the elegant and comfortable options for an enchanting appearance on the most special day.