Jewellery Trends To Follow, For Beginners

Modern day women buy and adorn their jewelleries as per their personalities to exhibit their moods and expressions. Traditionally, jewellery was used only for special occasions and festivities but now it has become a part of everyday life and a way of expressing. Be it clothes, jewellery or the bag you carry bespeaks something about your personality. Now, let's look at a few jewellery styles and what they speak about your personality. The significance of marriage in India is like no other event. It is your day; no day is like the wedding day. It is your time to look your best from head to toe. Everything should be planned, that is where the fine detail comes in. The way you look or plan to look makes it more memorable for you. When after many years you may again want to feel the day through photographs.

The Minimalist Look:

These are women who like wearing simplistic jewellery pieces like a pair of dainty earrings and one or two diamond studded gold bangles in their hands. For these women, the less the jewellery, thr more it js. Though it seems like there's not much effort behind such simple pieces, but they seize the day with their confident personalities even though they might be shy or an introvert.

The Boho Look:

The boho pieces of jewellery resemble the nature and feature them in feathers, leaves and elements of the earth motifs. Boho jewellery is heavily inclined towards silver, brass or copper and gives you a free-spirited, fearless, creative and unconventional look in a unique way. These jewelleries mostly include the use of colorful beads and threads along with oxidized silver as a base.

That’s why there are some factors you must take care of when you go on to buy the items of personal importance, such as make-up, jewellery.

The Coordinated Look:

When a woman wears matching jewellery for any occasion, it is called a well-coordinated look. Their personality comes out to be as someone who puts an attention to detail to carry the whole outfit together. Well-coordinated looks can also be carried at work places to make them look chic with subtlety. For such choices, diamonds are indeed a best friend for them.

The Traditional Look:

This look makes one look homely, grounded and a sucker for classics. In most cases, this look is carried with sarees, lehengas, as well as crop tops and long skirts.

The Statement Look:

This look turns out to be made of statement pieces which are either custom made or include the use of pearls, shells etc. so as to make you stand out among others. These pieces are generally chunky to look and thus make you look confident, flamboyant, eye catchy and outgoing. Jewellery for every mood, occasion and trend, Manuvel Malabar has a variety of collections to cater all that.