Jewellery Trends You Need to Follow This Year

Adorning yourself is but an art of self-expression and whether it be our clothes, jewellery or personality, they are means to this end.

New Age of Colours – Contemporary

This year’s spring has seen colorful jewellery becoming a statement for the rest of the year. Basically, they are gemstones mainly emerald, topaz or diamonds of contrasting colors which exhibit a very balanced and contemporary look. This jewellery can be paired up with formals and casuals as well because of its versatility.

The Old is Gold Trend – Traditional

Anything can go off-fashion except for the traditional range. We always find our way back to traditional jewellery. Well, of course, what is there not to like? Mostly adorned by brides and in ceremonies; a heavy gold necklace adds a bridal charm to her whole attire. MangalSutras are evolving in different variants too by breaking their basicity. This is an auspicious thin neckpiece which hitches a couple as married and embarks their new life. The Mangalsutras are available with studded diamonds for an unmatched glimmer, goddess sculpted pendant which enhances the auspiciousness and if you are a pearl lover, the mangalsutras encrusted with pearls are a good choice.

Practice Minimalism – Diamond

Minimalism is a new wave globally. From Home Décor to the meals, more and more people are incorporating minimalism in their lives. Even the jewellery universe has learned the art of minimalism, and what’s better when the jewellery is inspired by the geometry of nature. The simple and dainty designs make your whole look very subtle with either gems, diamonds or plain gold. Flowers are the perfect muse for crafting the jewellery into stunning motifs, perfect for daily wear. The minimal jewellery has a very slender body that is available in different dainty gemstones, fancy cut diamonds and in gold or silver.

The Circle of Trends – Hoops

We all had our first earrings which were hoops and ultimately, trends do come back to their origin. Hoops are the only pair of earrings which we have stored in our vanities, whether from our teenage years or a recent buy. They can uplift any outfit and suit every face type. Hoops are a trend in themselves. But with every jewellery trend, they are available in variants such as studded diamonds, jhoomkas, colorful, heavy intricate work, and the good old plain hoops. The best thing about hoops is that they are suitable for kids as well as any aged person.