Matching clothing accessories & jewellery.

Adding some bling to your daily wardrobe gives a respite from the mediocrity of everyday clothing that at times, becomes dull and boring.

But choosing which shine to add is an enervating task, second only to choosing what to wear. Variety is a good thing to have. Well, not always. Something that matches your attire’s colour or something that is in contrast to it? Something minimal or something bold? Pairing the right accessory uplifts your whole look and sometimes, your mood as well. And that’s why we’re here to ease it up for you. Read on:-


The most important factor. Even what you wear depends on the occasion you’re wearing it on. For working women, it’s better to wear minimal or statement pieces that go with their workwear and stay away from something distracting. If you work mostly on a laptop, managing dangling bracelets/bangles will be a task in itself. Planning a day out with friends? Try something funky. If you’re going on a date, choose something that reflects your personality.


Your jewellery and outfit shouldn’t compete for the limelight. Both need to complement each other for your look to work. A loud print or attire needs subdued jewellery like an embellished dress or a leopard print. A simple dress leaves you space to be creative with your jewels like a white tee or a plain top. Also, be aware of your necklines. Your neckpiece shouldn’t end where your neckline starts, rather a bit above it or it should fall on your dress. If you’re wearing a plunging neckline, you can go with long necklaces or pendants.


A jewellery piece that suits your body frame looks like it was made out for you to wear like –

1. Stud or oval-shaped earrings look great on a long or oval-shaped face.

2. Pendant earrings suit square or round-shaped face.

3. Narrow ring bands make fingers look longer.

4. Bulky or chunky jewellery looks good on a large body frame.


You may find sure-shot ways to get the perfect jewellery, but remember there’s no such thing as an all-exhaustive list. Tried and tested looks shouldn’t put an end to your creativity and imagination. Matching jewellery or oversized earrings - whenever you feel like, do experiment with your jewellery to see how it looks on you. After all, that’s how new trends emerge.


Struggling with a layered necklace or stacked up rings? Even the most stylish combination may not work if you aren’t comfortable carrying it. Pulling off a look is a real thing. Keeping all of the rules aside, the aim of jewellery isn’t to burden you. Don’t hesitate to ditch what you don’t like or establish your style or simply stick to your staple attire – anything that works for you.