Tips To Choose Workwear Jewellery

The modern woman is out there every day, breaking barriers and growing her tribe.

There is always a zeal to look your best, create a statement and stay in vogue. Why does work have to be any different? With hectic work schedules and tough lifestyles, your jewellery should be comfortable yet bring out your personality. Choosing the right jewellery for work is an everyday struggle. We bring you three essential pointers to keep in mind while choosing the perfect pieces.

Keep it simple.

Going by the philosophy of less is more, your work jewellery should be subtle and intimate. Find pieces that are minimal, elegant and in case you like to keep it bold and thinks it suits your personality, go for it. Try to don one single statement piece rather than looking like an overkill by putting on a mix of various pieces.

Season your style

Seasons are an important factor while choosing your pieces. Summers and spring call for colors. Think of floral patterns, aztec designs, and colorful stones. Fall and autumn speak of more subtle and intricate designs. Minimal gold designs, subtle hints of contrast and experimenting with dark stones and sophisticated gold pieces.

Suit your profession

Every woman has a personality of their own. It varies from profession to profession. Professions like teaching or corporate roles need a little subtle and sophisticated piece that have minimal designs and are not too flashy. On the other hand, women working in creative field will be more experimental and creative when it comes to jewellery with colorful splashes to reflect their personality.

In the end, what matters more is wearing your personality on your sleeve. Keep all this tips in mind while choosing your jewellery, but if your vibe demands something else, sync it with the surrounding you are going to be in. Always find the way to express yourself and never compromise on who you are.