Adorning yourself is but an art of self-expression and whether it be our clothes, jewellery or personality, they are means to this end.

And who says you have to leave it all behind while heading to your office? Instead, your workplace is probably one of those places where you need such things the most that add to your unique essence and we’re pretty sure jewellery doesn’t fall behind on the list of such things. Neither loud nor flashy, we’re mentioning a few jewellery pieces that you can wear to work :-


We’re all familiar with the variety of rings available in the market. Ditch the big and flashy ones and go for light, simple and elegant ones. You can experiment with the metal here. Gold, platinum, silver and more – choose what you like and look refined and graceful.


Choose a precisely defined bangle or bracelet that doesn’t have any dangling part which may come in the way of your work and you’re good to go.


A watch with your outfit completes your look like nothing else. Select a sleek or luxurious watch and steal the time.


Ever thought of adding bling with a brooch? Stay away from the ones that say so many things simultaneously and go for one that looks discreet.


Break the monotony with an intricate necklace or pendant. Stay wary of gaudy pieces or pendants.


An everyday jewellery, earrings can be experimented with without introducing any new element. If you pick a dangling one, make sure the dangling part isn’t big or heavy.


Not for everybody, nose pins look very graceful if worn right. Go for ones that help you make a statement.

Whatever be your choice of jewellery, you have a plethora of metals to choose from. Gold, diamond, pearls, platinum or silver – go for what suits you best. And the last thing to keep in mind – with work jewellery, less is always more.