Terms and Conditions

1. In case of Scheme/Plan Remittance Payments, multiple installments w.r.t a single Scheme/Plan at one Outlet may be clubbed & paid together. However, please ensure that you make separate payments for each Scheme/Plan. For example - If you have Plan #123 & Plan #456 at Dwarka & Plan #789 at South Ex, each for Rs.1000, & you want to pay for 2 months for each, your payments should be as follows --> PAYMENT 1 - Rs. 1000 x2 = Rs.2000 towards Plan #123 @ Dwarka PAYMENT 2 - Rs. 1000 x2 = Rs.2000 towards Plan #456 @ Dwarka PAYMENT 3 - Rs.1000 x2 = Rs.2000 towards Plan #789 @ South Ex

2. Some of the payment modes available are Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI & Wallets. You may choose any of the available payment modes for making your payment. The payment modes may change from time to time, and we reserve the right to change/modify/remove this facility as we deem fit.

3. We may contact you for further clarification if we are unable to validate your payment. You will get an official SMS (with the updated Balance, in case of Scheme/Plan Remittances) once your payment has been successfully validated. All official SMS communication from Manuvel Malabar Jewellers will be sent from our SMS handle MANUVL

4. Successful Transactions will be validated by us within 72 business hours of payment receipt. You may collect the updated passbook/Transaction Confirmation Document thru email/WhatsApp anytime after the transaction window is complete.

5. You DO NOT need to send us a confirmation email if you make payments using this page.

6. If you do not see a Payment Successful page, or if you see a Payment Failed/Cancelled page, it means that the Payment Was Unsuccessful. If any money has been deducted or processed by your Bank or Card Issuer or Wallet Partner, please do not worry as the money will be automatically refunded to its source within 24-72 business hours. If you face any trouble after this time, please contact your Banking Partner.

7. Other than the aforementioned scenario, we do not entertain any requests for refunds once payments are successfully received. You may always choose to schedule your purchase as per your convenience from any of our stores and your prepaid amount shall be available to you after your idenity has been verified. Please contact your CRM for more information.

8. We advise our Customers to make the most of this facility, & refrain from making payments using Direct Bank Transfer / NEFT, etc. However, if you still wish to do so, please CLICK HERE & follow the Offline Payment Guidelines.